Pyrex Rod & Tubing (Stock)

Code 7740 PYREX borosilicate glass, the most widely known of Corning’s family of low expansion Type 1, Class A borosilicate glasses (ASTM E438 Standard Specification for Glasses in Laboratory Apparatus). It comes closest to being the ideal glass for most laboratory applications. It will withstand nearly all temperatures used in normal laboratory use. It is highly resistant to chemical attack. Its low coefficient of expansion allows it to be manufactured with relatively heavy walls giving it mechanical strength, while retaining reasonable heat resistance.

We carry a full inventory of standard sizes of borosilicate tubing and rod for a variety of industrial and scientific applications. All Tubing and Rod can be cut to precise lengths required.

Please note that there is a $200 MINIMUM Order Quantity

7740 Pyrex Rod & Tube Spec

Item NumberOD (mm)DescriptionID (mm)WallStock LengthPrice EachMore InfoQtyTotal
24413013TUBING (STANDARD)10.61.21500$3.41
24413111TUBING (STANDARD)6.9821500$4.10
24414014TUBING (STANDARD)11.61.21500$4.20
24415015TUBING (STANDARD)12.61.21500$4.39
24416016TUBING (STANDARD)13.61.21500$4.67
24417017TUBING (STANDARD)14.61.21500$4.81
24418018TUBING (STANDARD)15.61.21500$5.31
24419019TUBING (STANDARD)16.61.21500$3.07
24420020TUBING (STANDARD)17.61.21500$5.71
24422022TUBING (STANDARD)191.51500$7.99
244230178TUBING (STANDARD)169.84.11500$289.14
24425025TUBING (STANDARD)221.51500$8.84
24428028TUBING (STANDARD)251.51500$10.00
24430030TUBING (STANDARD)26.41.81500$12.36
244310110TUBING (STANDARD)104.82.61500$102.23
24432032TUBING (STANDARD)28.41.81500$13.13
244330120TUBING (STANDARD)11431500$126.10
244340125TUBING (STANDARD)11931500$123.06
24435035TUBING (STANDARD)3121500$16.26
244360130TUBING (STANDARD)12431500$144.93

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